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Miracle #3: baby boy

There’s always a day that I look at each of my children and realize the stage they were in yesterday seems noticeably less today. One stage is fading and another is emerging. It’s that bittersweet dimension of being a parent. You have to let go and move forward, knowing change is good and the new phase has beauty not yet seen. I’ve always documented those special days. Your journal, a blog, or a note for you to find someday from me has them all. 

Today, I looked at you, my youngest son, at 17 months. Today I saw less of a baby, and for the first time, I saw the glimpse of a handsome little boy. A little boy who is learning to communicate, to have both joys and fears. Who’s loving new freedoms of walking, using a spoon, and not dumping a plate of food continuously at his high chair. Each time this happens I hold back tears, but each time I see that sparkle in each of your eyes. “Mommy I did it!” Is what you may be thinking. “What’s next for me?” It’s like you can see those emerging tears, and you’re there to make me smile. You see that as your mom, I get scared of unknown sometimes, but I do my best to show you strength. But you, as well as your brothers, model strength and joy every day to me. I learn so much from you already! Look how much God has done in your little life so far. For you specifically, look at the life-changing adventure of 2023 that you and I had. That you were right by my side in a year that pushed me closer to God than I’ve ever experienced. That someday, we can share the story of how we got through that year together. That God created you with a purpose, and every day a piece of that unfolds. As your mommy, it’s the greatest joy to watch every moment I am able. 

Just like each of your siblings, you come with a miraculous story and are apart of a greater one unfolding. You may be less of a baby today than you were yesterday, but I love you more each day!

January blues versus January blessings

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;…” -Isaiah 1:18

January. The month after the excitement of the holidays and the month it’s usually cold. January. The month when the sun seems to shine a little bit less and sometimes when the snow storms begin. January. The most common month of the year that a large number of people experience the blues in one form or another, but it’s the start of a brand new year.

When I heard the phrase “January blues” years ago, I thought it was silly. I didn’t understand how anyone could feel down and depressed about snowfall, going back to school or a new year. All I knew was that as a kid it was usually a bummer when we had to put away the Christmas tree and when that excitement of the holidays seemed to fade. It reminded me of Charlie Brown feeling depressed at Christmas time. It was a real feeling for him and he didn’t understand why, but that all changed when his perspective shifted.

As I got older, I began to experience some of these blues in January. Sometimes for just a day or two, but sometimes at random times for a few moments throughout the month. Was there something about the sun shining less and holidays being over? It was intriguing to me, especially because almost everyone else around me seemed to experience it, too.

December traditions, family, Christmas

Many of us have fond memories of Christmas time as a child. It is full of wonder and of excitement. We remember the smells of our mom’s or grandmother’s baking. We have vivid memories of nativities, of lights, and of stockings that were traditionally displayed each year. 

Thank you for another year

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for another year of life. Thank you for all that has taken place this year—the joys, the adventures, the pains, and the changes. Thank you for your faithfulness, your mercies, and your love. Thank you for never leaving my side, for being my constant, my peace, and for holding my hand through some very tough circumstances. Thank you for drawing me closer to you this year. To think about your power even in the time between 35 and 36 is incredible. Then to look back at over 3 decades is indescribable.

Happy birthday, little boy! 1095 days

Dear little boy,

Happy 3rd birthday. As I think about how miraculous your life is, I can do nothing but smile. From the very beginning of your life that I knew of at 5 weeks, you and I have been on a crazy adventure. I love being your mom.

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