Dear little boy,

Happy 3rd birthday. As I think about how miraculous your life is, I can do nothing but smile. From the very beginning of your life that I knew of at 5 weeks, you and I have been on a crazy adventure. I love being your mom.

I remember feeling fairly certain I had lost you very early on. We had complications, and when I flat out asked the doctor if you were going to live, her, “I don’t know, but you have to stop worrying and just trust that the best will happen” only went so far. I was a mess.

At 12 weeks you and I went to the ER for skyrocketed blood pressure. It was a whirlwind, and weeks later I remember the ultrasound tech telling me, “You’ve got a little fighter in there. Your body is going crazy and blood pressure is dangerously high, but your body and baby’s are fighting hard. My body is no good half the time, but my God sure is.

My pregnancy with you was by far the toughest. Although I knew somewhat what to expect, this was so different from the first. The blood pressure medication was nasty. I slept unbelievable amounts,I had migraines, and only 10 lbs of weight gain total. As crazy as things felt, I remember feeling so at peace, which didn’t make sense. I remember gentle whispers from God reminding me, “I will never leave you.” Our doctor planned to induce on September 10, and that was your birthday. Labor and delivery were relatively fast, and of course that last hour was pure insanity. You flipped and went breach a half hour before you were born, and the doctor said you were “swimming upstream.” She started gowning up for a c-section, made the comment that, “You better pray this kid flips or something,” and boy did I. “God, flip him. Please.” I don’t remember if I said it out loud, but within a minute, I felt a jolt like never before, and my doctor saying, “Oh my gosh he flipped!” You were born within minutes. No c-section. What a crazy and intense answer to prayer!

One of the happiest moments was when you were born, and ever since has been a wild, adventurous ride. Little boy, I’m thankful for every minute of it. From our time in the NICU, to ear tubes, GI and inflammatory issues, hospital stays, procedures, and more, you’ve shown us already how strong and brave you are already. You have the biggest heart, and you are constantly thinking of others, even at your young age. I still remember weeks ago, as I was sick with kidney stones again. You came over to the couch, touched my forehead, looked at me, and said, “Mama, it’s ok. You feel better soon.” Then you closed your eyes and prayed.

I absolutely love spending time with you. You are fun, energetic, a hard worker, and a fighter. Your you are a fast learner, and you love to make others laugh. Your facial expressions are indescribable, and you are such a special little boy. You are the boy who most reminds me of myself. From those who know us both well, they are quick to notice how similar we are. Happy birthday, little boy. I love you so much, and I am very thankful to have you as my son!