Exodus 33:14 The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

It’s a Friday morning. After a restful eight hours of sleep last night, I’ve had a relaxing morning reading some scripture, sipping coffee, and going through my last box of books for my classroom next year. I’ve had 23 days of summer break and it has been so enjoyable. I didn’t realize how tired I had become after my first year of teaching until the first week of vacation. I was exhausted, but could not have asked for a better, more rewarding year.

These last couple of weeks, I have been re-learning what it means to rest and relax. I love being on the go, always having something to do, and being active. While that was a great benefit to teaching, coaching, and working a part-time job the last part of the school year, I realized I could not go on with that energy forever. Rest was needed. It still is needed, and summer vacation is a great blessing.

Sleeping in past 5:15am has been wonderful. Having a random work schedule with two part-time jobs has given me a schedule of variety. Seeing friends, family, and having time to cook meals has been enjoyable as well. I’ve spent lots of time in the sun, whether it’s at the pool, running on a hot day, or biking with Zach. The awkward tan lines are well worth it.

Having a busy life is something I enjoy, however there were elements of rest that I missed desperately. Writing was the biggest. I have written for twenty-two years, and that has become so much apart of me over time. Seeing friends and family is something that I still was able to do quite often during the year, but not as much as I was used to. I’ve been loving the weekly coffee dates, dinner dates, and random times to see friends and catch up.

Yes, I have been rediscovering what it means to rest after a busy season of life. However, the greater lesson for me is that God wants us to rest. Taking time out of our lives, what we enjoy, and what we want to do, is necessary for growth in our relationship with Him. God worked hard to create our world in six days, not seven. He took the seventh day to rest, not continue the cycle of work.

God is helping me each day, even on the busy ones, to find rest. It may be as simple as a walk to see the sunset. It may be a morning of writing before going to sell wedding dresses, or it may be reading scripture that reminds me to slow down.

One of my favorite verses that has meant much to me over the years is one I am reminded of today. “Be still, and know that I am God.” –Isaiah 46:10