“It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you;” -Deuteronomy 31:8

Today in History we talked about God calling Abram out of Ur and into an unknown land. What if God asked you to go through something scary? After discussing the various ways that God can speak to us, I was asked the question, “What’s something God told you recently? And how’d you know it was God?” Caught off guard for a moment, I knew exactly the sentence this student was referring to.

Weeks ago, before school even started, I asked God to give me a word of wisdom for whatever was next in my life. As I was attempting to journal that day with a major writer’s block, I wrote the words, “Take me through what is needed.” That was all.

What came to my heart days later was not what I expected. At the time it even startled me. “I will be with you, no matter what we go through; if it hurts, I’ll get you through it.” That was the somewhat odd sentence, back in late July, that now has much meaning.

I told my kids that whatever God has you go through, even if it’s hard, is because He wants you to trust Him more than you think you can.

“So basically, we never have to worry because He’s there.” Yes. And a few minutes later, without a hand raised and the subject changed, “So Mrs. Goodsell! Even though you’re kinda sick right now, it’s ok! God will make you better.”

Yes. God is there, and He is good. He also speaks through your ten year olds at odd, but perfect timing.