Are you looking to be inspired; to let your dreams fly and to watch them come to life? This post contains a great video by Jeremy Cowart, professional photographer, and I found it truly inspiring.

One of the main motivations behind my campaign to #express4hope is to motivate me to continually be inspired and to inspire others. It is important for me to not just create, but to create and express myself in a way that inspires others and gives them a sense of hope. To be honest, it isn’t something that comes very easy. I think of new ideas and then quickly say, “na, I can’t do that.” Well, it turns out that I’m not alone in this thinking.

In fact, maybe you have even heard yourself saying “I can’t.” I recently watched a video that truly inspired me to push past the voice in my head that says “I can’t,” and it was created by Jeremy Cowart, who is a professional photographer who has created portraits for hundreds of people, including celebrities. If you are in need of being inspired, look no further than watching this video where Jeremy tells his story and shares his dreams and aspirations: