Next week I begin a new chapter in my professional career: teaching a night class at a local university.  The class is on Management Information Systems, and is part a business curriculum at the school.

In the world of business, data is used to create information.  This information tells a story, and informs businesses to make decisions that can help them grow, hire more employees, and start a new marketing campaign.  It all starts with the data.

As Christians, we serve a God who has a story to tell.  Thankfully, we have the Bible to tell the story, but that isn’t the whole story.  God isn’t done, but he has the data to inform us to make the right decisions.  Take a look at Matthew 1, for example:  The geneology of Jesus.

When I was a middle schooler, I didn’t appreciate this chapter as much as I should have.  Granted, I probably couldn’t pronounce a third of the names at the time.  But this chapter has quite the significance.  It details Christ’s ancestors, of which is pretty cool.  But take a deep look.  Notice any familiar names?  Abraham, King David, even Rahab!  If God can use the people from this list to deliver His son to save us from our sins, don’t believe for a second he can’t use you.

What story are you going to be part of?