Dear little son—today was a special day. Do you know why? It was completely unplanned. There were moments that just happened at the perfect time. They involved you and they involved music, and few things could be better. 

You were setting up your party with your kitchen set, and I was playing the piano. We sang off and on together, and then I sat down on the floor and found some of my first few piano books. You found the orange one—my very first book. “Is this one mine, Mama?” You asked. “That was my first piano book, but someday it will be,” I replied. You looked up from the book and just stared at me. I set it on the piano and pulled out my Christmas books (because we need those very soon). You crawled up to the piano bench and just looked at the book. You were quiet. 
I didn’t think this moment would come for a few more years. You love playing the piano keys, listening to me play, and picking out new songs for me to learn. I’ve told you a couple times that someday we can do lessons, but only if it’s something you want to do.
I almost took the book down from the piano because you are only three. You aren’t ready yet. 
Then I stopped—why not, Christine? Open the book. See what he does. Watch him—his eyes, his hands, and study him. Sure you’re a teacher, but you know you learn more from students than you can teach them most days. Study, watch, learn, then teach—this is a basic technique you’ve used with students of many ages for almost a decade—more often in the classroom or on the track, but not as much at the piano. This time though, this potential “student” is a part of you—one who, without you teaching him anything, has a love for music, a love for Jesus, and is more of a free spirit than you’re ready for. See what he does. I did. 
We had our first piano lesson today. Did it take everything in me to not cry through it? Yes. Did I get sent back 29 years to my first lesson? Yes.  I did less teaching with him at age 3 than I do with the average 6 year old for the first time. He picked up on it. There was very little talking or hand-over-hand. He crawled down from the piano bench after he learned proper piano posture, found all sets of 2 and 3 black keys, played them all, and played some on-beat notes with me when I played a tune.
I remember going to meet my piano teacher at age 5. I wasn’t quite to the 6 year old starting age, but she let my mom and me come over to meet her. I remember having a donut and orange juice at her house and being so nervous. But then she let me sit at that beautiful piano and play some keys. I still remember that feeling—I was going to learn how to play piano and she was going to be my teacher. I was excited. It may have been 29 years ago, but it is still a vivid memory. It was a moment that ignited a passion that will never dim for me.
Dear little boy, you are taking your nap now. I’m crying tears of joy as I type this today. Part of me feels like a dramatic sap who probably is a little sleep deprived. It was just a piano lesson, and who knows when or if we will do another one. You don’t have an official notebook, I didn’t tell you to go practice 4 times a day, or any of that. But what I was reminded of today was that playing the piano is one of my biggest passions in life. It was my first love. It is how I worship the Lord. It is where I’ve learned some tough lessons in life. It has taught me about endurance, patience, practice, and many more things. It showed me a dedicated, talented, loving teacher, who taught me for 12 years. And as great of a teacher as she is, my learning experience from her directed me to the greatest teacher, our Lord. I cannot thank her enough for that. The joy playing piano has brought me is inexplainable. How it has opened my heart, deepened my faith, and allowed me to experience more of Jesus is something I hope you can experience sooner than later in life. It doesn’t have to be from the piano or even music, but something that lights a fire in your heart and gives incredible joy. 
I saw your eyes light up today. I saw your fingers naturally start doing things that takes me months to teach other kids. Even if today was your one and only piano lesson from me, I treasured it. I will never forget it. 
As you sleep, I’m praying that God allows you to be so excited for what you’re passionate about from a young age. It doesn’t matter what it is—maybe it is music, maybe it is building things. Maybe it’s cars, trucks, singing, sports, or anything else. I pray that whatever you fall in love with, that you can use it to glorify the Lord and allow him to be your greatest teacher your entire life. 
I love you.