Rise—I’ve been pondering this word today. I wasn’t quite sure where to begin with writing, but my thoughts began with the pretty sunrise over the cold snow this morning. Sometimes the most powerful concepts are difficult to put into actual words, but I will attempt tonight.

Rise is powerful. It is a word of hope for me. Jesus predicted his own death, telling his disciples that he would rise on the third day. I can’t imagine the emotions his followers must have felt if they truly understood what this meant!

Jesus took our sins upon himself. He suffered the worst possible death, and yet he was resurrected from the dead. He paid the price that we never could. He saved us. Jesus’ ascension unto heaven is one of the most fascinating parts of scripture to me. I try to imagine it. I try to picture what it would have been like, yet every time, I can’t wrap my head around even a fraction of it. It must have been incredible.

I think about Jesus rising from the dead and ascending into heaven often. I realized today that I think of these things quite often as I watch a beautiful sunrise. For me, they go hand in hand. To rise reminds me to hope. So thankful that Jesus did.

@hopewriters challenge / Day 7: RISE #hopewriterlife