Dear Baby Girl,

Tonight your Grandma and I went out to dinner—a mommy daughter date. It was spur of the moment, as previous plans had changed, and your daddy insisted that I still go get dinner somewhere with a friend. He knows I thrive being around people—that I love good conversation, lots of laughs, and all the memories along the way. He also knows that as much as I love being around children, I also need time away for a bit. “Call your Mom or both parents; see what they’re up to tonight.”

Your daddy is the best. He has always had a really good relationship with your Grandma and Grandpa, they’ve always been so involved in your older brother’s lives. Mom, your Grandma, is one of my best friends. When I called her, she first said, “I’ll check with Dad and see if he wants to go too,” and within minutes let me know that your Grandpa insisted that this be a time together as mom and daughter. Just as your daddy is always looking out for me, your grandpa does the same with your grandma. So, since both your daddy and grandpa both suggested a mommy-daughter date, we decided to go.

Tonight we had the best time. Of course we had great food and talked about you, but we always have such good, meaningful conversations. Your grandma has taught me so much about being a wife, a mom, a sister, a friend, and so much more. She’s taught me how to go through the best of times, and also the most tragic of times. I know that you’ll learn so much from her, too. Tonight we talked about so much of life—of the good, the tough, of the richness of life especially this time of year at Easter. We laughed about memories of long ago, and we talked about your great-grandmothers too. As your Grandma spoke about her own mother, I listened and smiled. You know where she learned so much and became the woman she was? Her mommy, my grandma, and your great-grandma. She misses her lots, and she was a woman of so much beauty, wisdom, and grace.

Your Grandma wrote a journal for me while she was pregnant with me. Your grandma, like your great-grandma, is a writer. Her words are carefully chosen and simple, but they meaningful. Her journal to me was the first gift, besides life, that she gave me. Tonight, baby girl, your journal begins. This is your only “published” one (similar to your brothers), but the rest will be in your own special journal to read someday.

I have not met you, but I pray for you every day. Although I’ve only seen you on ultrasounds and felt your kicks throughout the day and night, there’s already a bond that is indescribable. That bond was there with your three older brothers, and I loved every minute of it as well. Tonight as I sat with your Grandma, I again remembered how strong the bond between her and I still is. How over 30 years ago she began making huge positive imprints on my heart and my life, and today she is one of my close friends.

Someday maybe you and I will be on a Mommy Daughter date—when you’re a mommy yourself, and I’m Grandma. Maybe we’ll laugh and talk of the decades of relationship that has grown over time—of the good, the hard, the miracles, and the lessons. It’s fun to think about, but for now, little girl, I’m thankful for you. For however long God gives me to be your mommy and for you to be my daughter, I will thank Him. You’re beautiful already, and I’m excited to see the great plans in store for you.